Wide World of Sports

Sports Image

A spot designed to play in January to build excitement for Nine’s coverage of Australia’s biggest sporting codes in the year ahead.

Swimming Championships

One of several campaigns for swimming championships. Apart from attracting huge ratings for the meets, these promos were used by the swimmers to pump them up in the dressing rooms before their races.

Writer/ Director: Graham Cousens, Production House: Engine

Writer/ Producer: Graham Cousens

Sports Launch

A new year launch track created to demonstrate Nine’s dominance in coverage of all the major sporting codes in Australia.

This was one spot from a broad campaign promoting Drama, Lifestyle, Comedy and Movies. The idea was to literally bring the world of television into your lounge room.

Writer/ Director: Graham Cousens, Production House: Ambience Design

Cricket Opener

Created the openers for Nine’s coverage of cricket over summer. With this one I concentrated on the technical analysis of the game and designed a ‘donut’ where footage could be updated regularly in the 3D jumbotron.

Creative Director: Graham Cousens, Cricket EP: Graham Koos, Production House: Engine,

Music Composition: Bob Davies

West Indies Cricket Promo

To promote the upcoming West Indies cricket tour of Australia, I was sent there to create a promotion campaign.

The objective was to create excitement for the tour by showing the team’s preparation and the fact that cricket is in their blood.

Writer/ Director: Graham Cousens

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