Channel Nine

Network Branding

Created a new ‘look’, series of idents and brand campaign that successfully repositioned Nine as fun and entertaining but still sophisticated. Nine had its most successful ratings year in a decade following the launch of the rebrand.

News Branding

Wrote and produced news image campaigns based on the “Who’s Who of News” positioning by Alan Morris. Created the live city backdrops for 6pm News in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

Creative Director: Graham Cousens, Talent Director: Brad Smith, Graphics: Post Lounge

Music Composition: Bob Davies

Creative Director and Director: Graham Cousens, Design: Dean Hastie, Graphics: Ambience

Design, Music Composition: Bob Davies

The Footy Show

The Footy Show is hosted by ex rugby league players who can’t act. Each year I would shoot a promo for the show announcing its return.

The first spot is a spoof on Tony Bullimore’s famous rescue from his upturned yacht in the Southern Ocean. The second is a Frankenstein spoof announcing the return of one of the hosts, Ray Hadley, who had been sacked the previous year.

Writer/ Director: Graham Cousens, DOP: John Bowring, Sound Design: Buzz Pringle

Broadcast Design Montage

A demo reel of some of the broadcast design work I was responsible for while at Channel Nine.

Creative Director: Graham Cousens